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  • High Speed Railway Development in Poland
    Wawrzyniec Wychowański, BEng, PhD., representing the Management Board of SITK, Polish Association for Transport Engineers & Technicians
  • Detecting anomalies in railway infrastructure with advanced data analysis techniques
    Sc. Eng. Przemyslaw Stanislawski – R&D Project Manager, R&D Department at TrackTec
    Sc. Eng. Piotr Piech – Senior CAE Engineer, R&D Department at TrackTec
  • BIM technology use in railway infrastructure related projects in Poland
    Jakub Schulz, BIM Designer at Metroprojekt – Construction scope
    Jakub Psarski, BIM Designer at Metroprojekt – Railway track scope
    Patryk Bartuzi, BIM Designer at Metroprojekt – Signalling scope


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