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The UEEIV is an umbrella organization of railway engineers across Europe, which was founded more than 30 years ago to facilitate a Europe-wide continuous railway system. As a cooperation platform for stakeholders in the railway sector, a core function of the UEEIV is the certification of engineers to EURAIL-ING, which improves their chances on the international job market. More than 470 EURAIL-ING have been registered by the UEEIV in 21 different countries so far.

The UEEIV has a considerable pool of expert engineering knowledge in every discipline and thus offers a strong network of competent professionals in the railway sector and its supply industry.

Furthermore the UEEIV promotes the concerns of its members to politicians and public entities.

Together with the Member Associations of each country it also organises seminars, conferences, symposia and exhibitions. 14 countries are currently represented in the UEEIV, as well as 12 supporting members.

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The UEEIV provides great networking options: connect with other professionals in the railway sector, its supply industry, science and important stakeholders.

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Stay informed on latest industry news on our website, in newsletters, on seminars and event. The UEEIV provides an English language platform for its multinational members.


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  • Coming up soon: Railway Systems Engineer

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