Frankfurt am Main, November 17, 2022

During the 42nd Federal Congress on November 12th, 2022 in Hamburg, the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI) elected a new Executive Committee.

Birgit Milius was elected President, replacing Thomas Mainka, who did not run for re-election after two terms in office. Joachim Warlitz was confirmed as the first Vice President for a fourth term of office. Jürgen Murach became Second Vice President. The following spokespersons for the different departments were newly elected into the Executive Committee: Svetoslava Maslinkova (Technical Equipment Department), Andreas Mack (Railway Systems Department) and Andreas Henschel (Vehicles Department). The election confirmed Reiner Altmann as spokesman for the Infrastructure Department, Lothar Legler as federal secretary and Tobias Barthel as federal treasurer.

With Birgit Milius, for the first time since the association was founded in 1949, a woman was elected for President of the honorary executive committee. “In cooperation with the association, I will work to promote public understanding of the railway system. We are facing major challenges if we are to succeed in making Deutsche Bahn fit for the future. Rail-bound transport can and will make an important contribution to solving climate change and at the same time offer attractive, modern and future-oriented jobs – we want to support this with our specialist knowledge and in cooperation with politics, business and research,” says the newly elect President of the VDEI. “I want to get people excited about the railway system, working in the railway system, but of course also for working in the association. Together with the members we will discuss how we can further develop the association in a sustainable and attractive way”. Birgit Milius works full-time at the Technical University of Berlin as head of the Department of Railway Operations and Infrastructure.

from left to right: Tobias Barthel, Svetoslava Maslinkova, Jürgen Murach, Joachim Warlitz, Birgit Milius, Lothar Legler, Reiner Altmann, Andreas Henschel. Not present: Andreas Mack



UEEIV President Olaf Scholz-Knobloch presented the new orientation of the Union of European Railway Engineer Associations during the Congress.

Photos: B. Fuhrmann Photography

Source: VDEI – Verband Deutscher Eisenbahn-Ingenieure