The General Assembly of the Union of European Railway Engineer Associations was held on 10 Mai. 2023 week in beautiful Salzburg.

26 railway engineers from all over Europe participated including representatives from member associations, supporting members, honorary members and advisors.
During a visit to the Salzburg Local Railway participants had the opportunity to learn useful information about the fleet and traffic management, and the monitoring the ongoing operations.
There was also plenty of opportunity for networking at the lunch and the Get-Together in the evening at Stiegl Keller.
Overall it was a very productive meeting with the presentation of many future projects and the successful division of tasks among the participants. To mention some of the planned activities:
·       Continue the successful Railway Talks series
·       Organize a 2 day conference participate at conferences with other members
·       Create a new certification for Railway Systems Engineer
·       Acquisition of new member associations and supporting members
·       Create a young railway engineers section