1st Railway Talk

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The First Railway Talk was held on 25th January 2023 with over 240 registrations and 126 live viewers. Those who haven’t participated will receive the link to the video archive. Please find the video archive of the webinar below.

Topic: Critical factors of success for hyper complex railway projects

Critical factors of success for hyper complex railway projects

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wirth, Secretary of the UEEIV

RAMS and Life cycle cost (LCC), additional critical factors for longtime success

Nino Cingolani, former Senior Vice President of Italian Railways

Programme overview:

1. Why are railway projects hyper complex?

Every new railway construction has a lot of focuses:

  • The well-known focus: civil works, electro mechanics, track works, traction current, electric power, data communication, radio communication, signalling and traffic control and supervision systems.
  • But also: operating processes, incident handling and evacuation, noise and vibrations, Interface to existing lines, authorisations, environment, social aspects, budget and finances …
    And you have to coordinate all this focuses one with others!

2. Risks

You know the effect: every subsystem works well, after integration with other subsystem it doesn’t work?

3. Requirements

Every subsystem needs a system engineer with the following skills:
The different trade have different languages, even when all are speaking English. So you need an interpreter to prohibit misunderstanding.
And the project needs at least one systems engineer, who has the overview over the whole project. In smaller projects he can also be the interpreter.

4. Procedure

  • Integration and commissioning is beginning with signing the contract.
  • RAMS = Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety.
  • First integration as simulation in a laboratory.

5. Panel discussion

Ask the experts! All participants are welcome to ask questions.

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