European Railway Engineer “EURAIL-ING”

The changes on the railways and in the railway industry have resulted in increased requirements to be met by the railway engineers.
The railway engineer must prove that he is prepared for these new requirements. This means he must continuously expand and adapt his specialist knowledge.

Following a quality assurance procedure, the Union of European Railway Engineer Associations – UEEIV is authorised to issue certificates upon request.

The EURAIL-ING certificate provides:

  • for the railway engineers:
    • motivation for further personal development,
    • improved opportunities for employment,
    • enhanced possibilities of professional development and
    • easier professional mobility within Europe.
  • for the railway authorities and firms
    • greater security when selecting contractors and awarding contracts.
  • for firms in the railway industry and business
    • a better chance of being awarded contracts due to proof of availability of specialists
    • a guarantee of the assurance of high-quality services and
    • a selection criterion for employing railway engineers.